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The Role of Colour in Twenty20


The Role of Colour in Twenty20

The way in which colour is now used throughout interior spaces has seen a distinct shift in the last five years towards an audience that is far more daring in their use of colour and composition to express individuality. Architects no longer stick with their fail safe option of grey; they understand the need to stand out and convey a unique message.

Cheerio to Magnolia: Groups of muted pastel pigments known as ‘new neutrals’ are now forming the sophisticated base of diverse interior schemes with understated elegance. This comes as the more organic tones are replaced in favour of delicate tea green, sage, neo mint and the very lustful Millenial pink. These new neutrals can also be used across a variety of styles and applications due to tonal ability, from complementing and enhancing the vibrancy of more neutral palettes to generating a bold statement when placed in contrast of more intense pigments.

Signature Style: A nostalgic 70’s revival has generated a push through vibrant jewel tones whilst the eclectic styling of the 80’s frames bold shapes to adorn our walls with a new dynamic. The transition of these colours to ceramic tiles is no exception and will continue to rise at the forefront of interior design; increased pairings with luxury natural materials such as marble and wood are met with sleek metallic elements to provide an intimate, quirky take on simplistic monochromatic designs. Accent pieces just aren’t enough of a statement anymore. Animated surfaces with enhanced tactility are now being used more than ever. Stand-out, designer tiles are seen as a must, showcased at the latest interior fairs across Europe.

These stylish options can be used to conquer a variety of interior themes whilst injecting instant character and personality into a room. Bolder, vivid colours are also being chosen for larger spaces as the creation of playful environments seems to be of a growing desire in both the residential and commercial industry. The use of distinctive colour and pattern is a firm favourite way to implement an individual persona in any setting.

Be Square: The modern grid effect that took centre stage during the 50’s & 60’s has been renewed; the power of fashion and pop culture has pushed these classic equilaterals into revised contemporary combinations with chic, quirky elements. Inspired by Morocco’s finest handmade Zellige tiles, our vivacious Aurora collection is comprised of six tonal colours ranging from a subdued antiquated white option, whimsical pastels tones or some may say ‘new neutrals’, right through to bold, blue hues. Each tile is not only hand-crafted from the finest white ceramic to provide a raw artisan edge but includes a rustic shade variance to enhance an understated element of curiosity to generate a luxurious tactility, full of charismatic appeal.

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