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PTV + 36

What is a pendulum test?

The Pendulum test is the British standard method of measuring slip resistance. And is the Health and Safety Executives preferred method of testing. In these tests the HSE recommends a minimum score of 36 or more for floor coverings to be used in public places in both wet and dry conditions. All of our PTV tests are conducted in accordance with the current UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) and HSE guidelines.


The test replicates the heel of a foot (there are different attachments to measure a rubber sole to a bare foot) slipping on tiles in both wet and dry conditions. This represents a more accurate simulation of real world conditions. The results are known as Pendulum Test Values and determine the level of potential slip risk.

These PTV values are classified as;

0-24 High Risk
24-35 Moderate Risk
36+ Low risk.

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